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Solsign provides exclusive access to Europe’s largest database of pre-screened and viable land for solar projects

Unique site scoring algorithm consolidates legal, geospatial and energy data points for precise analysis on one portal

Data-backed marketplace reduces development costs and enables direct engagement with willing landowners – no more ‘cold call’ approaches!

Our pioneering “Passive Analysis” tool now scouts for land across Southeast Europe – with more countries to come

We’re working with some of the biggest European renewable energy developers – come join us!

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Solsign combines legal, geospatial and live energy market data to instantly assess the viability of any plot of land as a potential utility-scale solar site

Solsign for Landowners

Interested in leasing your land for solar? We empower landowners to unlock the true solar potential of their property


Upload Your Land

Submit your property for a solar assessment in seconds


Run an AI Solar Check

Unlock insights into your land’s solar viability for free


Dedicated Marketplace

Receive bids from international solar developers


Free Portfolio Scan

Let us scan your entire land portfolio for free


AI Solar Viability Assessment

Advanced tools generate instant solar assessments


Showcase on the Marketplace

Advertise your suitable plots on our marketplace

Solsign for
Property Partners

Why waste money on costly consultants? Scan your entire land portfolio for free and identify prime solar sites instantly

Solsign for
Energy Companies

Discover exclusive access to vetted solar project sites, streamline your land search, and bid on prime project development opportunities


Tailored Land Search

Browse database of pre-screened land for solar projects


Instant Solar Suitability Reports

Quickly assess land suitability with our mapping tools


Bid on Prime Opportunities

Place bids on exclusive solar project opportunities

Solsign is a powerful, scalable and multi-channel location intelligence tool transforming how land is assessed, valued and marketed for renewable energy projects.

At Solsign, we are passionate about using technology to drive innovation and efficiency in the energy industry. Our founding team brings a unique blend of skills and experience to the table, with strong business development acumen, deep expertise in the energy sector and advanced geospatial knowledge.



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