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The Intelligent Solar Site Marketplace

What We Do

Solsign is the first property portal to combine solar energy-specific GIS/AI analytics with a marketplace function. We have built a powerful, scalable and multi-channel location intelligence tool to transform how land is assessed, valued and marketed for renewable energy projects. Our platform uses advanced geospatial techniques and proprietary algorithms to quickly give an indication of the viability of any piece of land as a renewable energy project. 


How We Do It

Our proprietary, cloud-based data analytics platform uses geospatial and machine learning tech to quickly analyse the solar viability of properties submitted by our users. The best properties are listed on our marketplace, along with their data breakdown. This cuts unnecessary costs for developers and enables direct interaction with landowners who want to lease their land to energy companies.

Who We Are

At Solsign, we are passionate about using technology to drive innovation and efficiency in the energy industry. Our founding team brings a unique blend of skills and experience to the table, with strong business development acumen, deep expertise in the energy sector and advanced geospatial knowledge. We believe that by harnessing the power of earth observation techniques, we can transform the way the energy industry operates and make it more sustainable and efficient. 


Solsign is proud to participate in ESA - Business Incubation Centre Ireland

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