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Solsign's Revolutionary Platform Spotlighted in Balkan Green Energy News

The article, titled "Revolutionizing Solar Expansion: Solsign’s Plot Assessment Platform Transforms Search for Land," showcases our cutting-edge AI platform designed to instantaneously assess the viability of land plots for solar farm development.

Solsign's groundbreaking platform, requiring only geo-coordinates to delineate a land plot, employs proprietary algorithms to analyze geographic data, grid connectivity, and hyperlocal permitting processes. The result is a solar viability score, offering an objective, data-driven assessment of a site’s potential for solar farm development. Mattan Lass, the visionary founder of Solsign, emphasizes the platform's breakthrough potential in unlocking untapped solar development opportunities globally.

The article includes insightful interviews with key figures at Solsign, featuring Mattan Lass, our CEO, who highlights the platform's potential to ease bottlenecks in the development of solar energy facilities in developing markets. Additionally, Dragana Filipović, Solsign’s Serbia Country Manager, shares perspectives on the impact of the platform on both solar developers and landowners.

Mattan Lass and Eran Goren

Solsign's platform includes a unique listing marketplace, enabling pre-validated land plots to be showcased to renewable energy companies seeking their next solar project. Landowners and property agents can use the platform to receive a free initial viability assessment for their plots, and a 'freemium' feature allows direct listing of high-potential parcels.

Solsign's Serbian pilot is set to be unveiled at Energy Week Western Balkans 2023, a significant renewable energy event taking place from October 18 to 19 at Porto Montenegro. Eran Goren, Solsign’s COO, expresses excitement about showcasing the platform's success in Serbia and exploring opportunities to scale across the region.

We extend our appreciation to Balkan Green Energy News for recognizing Solsign's transformative contributions to the renewable energy sector. Read the full article here to learn more about Solsign platform and our expansion plans.

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