Solsign is a proud member of The British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce – BSCC

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In a recent announcement, the British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce proudly introduced Solsign as its latest addition to the membership roster. They presented Solsign in their LinkedIn post and the member’s page. For the complete details of their warm welcome, read the following excerpt from the Chamber’s official announcement.

– Welcome our newest member Solsign!

Dublin and London-based startup Solsign is pioneering the use of geospatial analytics and artificial intelligence to optimize solar energy site selection. The company, which was recently awarded funding by the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centre Ireland (ESA-BIC Ireland) program, has built the first property marketplace that also validates farmland for solar farm compatibility. This platform curates a selection of analyzed land parcels and hosts them on an online platform for energy developers to explore. By spotlighting vetted, project-ready sites, Solsign enables accelerated land scouting and assessment.

With the global transition to renewable power requiring extensive land resources, identifying viable project sites remains a major challenge. Traditional prospecting approaches are often expensive and limited in scope. Solsign’s platform integrates satellite imagery, topographical data, land registries and other geospatial sources. Proprietary machine learning algorithms analyze this data to assess and score land parcels for solar farm suitability. This location-agnostic, scalable approach enables comprehensive analysis of potential sites across entire regions and countries.

Solsign’s innovative approach unlocks renewable energy potential in underserved markets like the Balkans, where land data is fragmented. Solsign now has a live pilot of their platform in Serbia supported by Dragana Filipovic (Partnerships Manager), which is showcasing pre-vetted land available throughout Serbia for solar energy developers to acquire. With expansion and R&D plans now concentrated in the Balkans, Solsign intends to hire more skilled GIS and software developers in Serbia and the wider region.

Check out the announcement on BSCC website.

We are verry pleased to be part of this welcoming international family!