Solsign’s Journey to Success: Celebrating Our Serbian Market Pilot

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Solsign is making remarkable progress, revolutionizing the way we scout and validate lands for solar projects. We are thrilled to share our journey and celebrate the success of our Serbian market pilot.

Our Innovative Approach

At Solsign, we have developed a state-of-the-art platform that has the potential to reshape the renewable energy industry. Our platform leverages advanced geospatial analysis, machine learning algorithms, and proprietary technologies to streamline the scouting and validation process for lands suitable for solar projects. What sets us apart is our ability to process a wide range of geographic and administrative data sets, providing comprehensive assessments of land parcels’ suitability for solar development.

Value for Renewable Energy Developers

Solsign provides quick and accurate initial validation of land that align perfectly with their development criteria. Our platform empowers developers to make informed decisions. We understand the challenges of identifying suitable sites and the significant time and effort required for due diligence. With Solsign, the developers can access a curated selection of pre-validated properties that match their specific requirements.

Strategic Partnerships for Success

One of the key drivers of our progress has been our strategic partnerships with property brokers and agencies. These partnerships enable us to access a wide range of land parcels available for sale or long-term lease, thereby expanding opportunities for renewable energy projects.

Product Launch at RES Serbia 2023 and OIE Srbija Event

Eran Goren and Ms. Walburga Hemetsberger
Eran Goren and Ms. Walburga Hemetsberger

Our journey took a significant leap forward with the launch of our Serbian market pilot at the RES Serbia 2023 and OIE Srbija event. It was an honor to introduce our platform to the industry and share our vision for the future. We were proud to meet Israel’s ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Yahel Vilan, and the CEO of SolarPower Europe, Ms. Walburga Hemetsberger.

Our journey in the Serbian renewable energy market marks the beginning of an exciting chapter. At Solsign, we are committed to continuing our quest to make land for solar projects accessible. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our team, partners, and supporters whose unwavering commitment propels us forward.

Stay tuned for more updates, insights, and innovations as we light the way toward better land assessments for solar projects in Serbia and beyond.