Author: solsign-admin

  • Exciting News: We are selected for the SynergistEIC Growth Programme!

    We are excited to announce that we have been selected as one of the 16 innovative startups to join the SynergistEIC Program! The SynergistEIC Growth Programme is a dedicated 6-month initiative supporting European impact-driven GreenTech startups. It focuses on fostering innovation in key sectors such as: 🌱 Climate-Tech  🔄 Circular Economy 💧 Clean-Tech   🌾 Agri-Food… Read more

  • Solsign’s Journey to Success: Celebrating Our Serbian Market Pilot

    Solsign is making remarkable progress, revolutionizing the way we scout and validate lands for solar projects. We are thrilled to share our journey and celebrate the success of our Serbian market pilot. Our Innovative Approach At Solsign, we have developed a state-of-the-art platform that has the potential to reshape the renewable energy industry. Our platform… Read more

  • Solsign is a proud member of The British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce – BSCC

    In a recent announcement, the British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce proudly introduced Solsign as its latest addition to the membership roster. They presented Solsign in their LinkedIn post and the member’s page. For the complete details of their warm welcome, read the following excerpt from the Chamber’s official announcement. – Welcome our newest member Solsign! Dublin… Read more

  • Solsign’s Revolutionary Platform Spotlighted in Balkan Green Energy News

    The article, titled “Revolutionizing Solar Expansion: Solsign’s Plot Assessment Platform Transforms Search for Land,” showcases our cutting-edge AI platform designed to instantaneously assess the viability of land plots for solar farm development. Solsign’s groundbreaking platform, requiring only geo-coordinates to delineate a land plot, employs proprietary algorithms to analyze geographic data, grid connectivity, and hyperlocal permitting… Read more